Commercializing Research & Development

From research to commercialization, Graphene Solutions is positioning itself as a bridge between fundamental science and real world applications. Our mission is to turn the potential of graphene materials into viable commercial products for various applications.

Graphene and carbon nanotube possibilities are endless. Graphene Solutions takes the research and development of these technologies to produce applicable products using newly developed Green Graphene Technology. Green Graphene Technology focuses on a family of graphene materials that lowers production costs and increases production volumes while lowering or eliminating hazardous materials produced as by-product. In conjunction with numerous improvements in the processing methodology, Graphene Solutions and partner Celtig, Inc., consistently strive to produce preferred graphene for market applications.

Opportunities & Partnerships

Graphene Solutions, LLC has strategically partnered with Celtig, Inc. on a joint venture to co-market and distribute Celtig graphene products and services across North America.

Celtig produces cutting-edge graphene and process technology for their commercial customers, developing and commercializing proprietary graphene systems to suit customer specific and specialized applications.

This partnership, along with relationships with top universities and research centers worldwide, allow us a state-of-the-art research and development team as well as an accredited applications engineering infrastructure. These key components of our organization set us apart from our competition.