Complete Surface Heat

The future of radiant heating has arrived with Nu-Age Heating Systems. Nu-Age Heating Systems can turn almost any surface into a radiant heat source. Easy to install, less than .015 of an inch thick, UL approved and simply controlled using a variety of thermostats, Nu-Age Heating Systems use nano-technology to provide snow and ice melt as well as temperature comfort and consistency. 



Nu-Age Heating Strips

Nu-Age Heating Systems Peel & Stick Strips provide what no other radiant heating system can with no wires or pipes: complete surface heat.

The backing material has the ability to be applied to surfaces -20°F or below by utilizing a high-tech, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) combined with a high performance facer film. The film is then coated with NTS Spray On Thermal Coat, to provide the most energy efficient radiant product ever. 

Simply cut to length and Nu-Age Heating Strips maintain their elasticity when subject to severe ultraviolet rays, thermal shock, puddling water and both high and low temperatures.

CreteMelt Decorative Concrete

One of the unique aspects of Nu-Age Heating Strips is the very thin profile. This allows the product to be covered with CreteMelt decorative concrete overlay. Giving new life to structurally sound existing concrete surfaces, a number of overlay systems can provide the precise blend to transform blemished concrete into a work of art.

CreteMelt paired with Nu-Age Heating Strips provides a complete heating system for almost any concrete surface, indoor or out, at a far lower cost than removal and replacement.

The process of adding texture and color to concrete makes it resemble materials found in nature such as stone, brick, slate, wood, cobblestone, fossils, shells, etc. The limitless array of options and color choices combined with durability far less expensive than natural products makes CreteMelt a brilliant choice for snow melt areas to completely restore and rejuvenate projects both residential and commercial.

Additional CreteMelt options include epoxy coating, concrete dyes, stenciled acid staining, water based staining, polishing, engraving and more.

System Installation

Nu-Age Heating Systems are for professional use and as a product manufacturer, we rely on quality installers who have been quality trained and certified to install our systems.