Thermo Dynamix

A New Source of Energy - Graphene Energy Harvesting (GEH)

Freestanding graphene exists in a constant state of motion. This movement can form a variable capacitor in an electrical circuit, converting kinetic energy to electrical potential energy that can be extracted by the circuit. Thermo Dynamix has obtained the exclusive worldwide license to develop Graphene Energy Harvesting or (GEH) into commercial products.

The Power of Scale

Alone Graphene Energy Harvesting Circuits or (GEHCs) produce minute levels of power. The potential lies in their microscopic physical size. Measured in nanometers, GEHCs are ideal for mass duplication on silicon chips. When etched onto a chip in arrays, they can work together to produce higher levels of power output.

Clean Energy Without External Dependance

GEH derives its energy from naturally occurring oscillations in graphene. Since no fuel is used, there is no waste or emissions created in the generation process. Furthermore, because energy extraction is self contained inside the chip, there is no dependance on sun, wind, vibration or fluid. This enables GEH to function in a vast number of environments at an energy density superior to that of traditional renewable technologies.

Fundamental Change In Energy Delivery

By packaging GEH in plug and play form factors, designers and engineers will be able to easily adapt products to run on GEH. Because energy demands will be satisfied at the device level, systems and networks could potentially operate without power cables and wires. As GEH scales to the level where chips can be arrayed together in rows and stacks, we envision a world where homes and buildings no longer depend on access to a centralized energy grid.

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