Each company and team under the NTS Innovations umbrella works passionately to bring positive change and continuous improvement to our products and processes.



Hy-Pore uses carbon nanotubes suspended in various liquids to apply smart coatings to a variety of objects and surfaces.  The coating can then be manipulated with electricity to perform various tasks such as heating up, changing shape or adjusting rigidity. 

Nu-Age Heating Systems

Nu-Age Heating Systems combines hy-pore nanotubes with peel and stick substrates and partners them with temperature controls to create a fully functioning, nanotube based heating systems.  Applications include infloor heat, heated blankets, industrial machinery and piping, and heated car seats.  

Thermo Dynamix

Thermo Dynamix provides engineering services for the carbon nano-tube industry. Our techs have years of experience researching and developing carbon nano-tube technology.  We can help with at any stage of a nano-tech project from prototyping to production.

Graphene Solutions

Graphene Solutions is responsible for creating and distributing the raw materials that allow for mass production of carbon nano-tube based products. With manufacturing in the midwest and warehousing nationwide, Graphene Solutions helps ensure that an efficient supply chain exists for the growing nano technology industry.